The Murverse: Author Mur Lafferty, THE AFTERLIFE SERIES.

In 2006 I began podcasting Heaven, the adventures of two friends who die, don’t find heaven to their liking, and then go on adventures in other afterlives. it grew from something episodic to something epic; the series grew to five novella-length books, Hell, Earth, Wasteland, and War. It’s a tale of gods, love, growth, betrayal, and dogs. It was covered in and nominated for three Parsec Awards, one of which was a winner (Wasteland.) You can still get the podiobooks for free.


Heaven (book 1): $2.99
Is perfection really an attainable goal? After their deaths, best friends Kate and Daniel learn that perfection is, well, boring. Heaven is not their cup of tea, so to speak, so they leave and begin visiting the afterlives of other religions, other times, even other species. But turmoil keeps churning back on earth, and the friends discover secrets between themselves, and secrets about the world they left, and they begin to wonder if their wandering wasn’t aimless after all, but part of a much bigger design.

Available now via Kindle, Nook, and epub from Smashwords and directly from the Murverse Store (all e-formats):


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