Q&A – Inspiration is a fickle foe!

strangelyseen asked: Unbelievable. I just read through a few of your things, and I think you’re a great writer. But I’m just a simple bystander. Where do you get your inspiration from?

^_^ I will have to learn how to take compliments someday!

Sorry but I’m a ‘simple bystander’ my self, and I don’t really know yet my self! In the beginning it was out of anger or depression. In those states ideas would simply flow, and I even found my self wanting in the end to be in such conditions just so I could write. After that it was from dreams. I don’t often remember my dreams but when I do, even for me, they can be a bit crazy; which incidentally makes me so happy!

I love the entire vibe of being consumed by a story, that is in fact conceiving it’s self through me! And now that I have fallen in love, for what feels like the first time, (I know right, pray for me) I find that when ever one of my senses seize a fraction of her being, or simply imagine such, I find my self helplessly falling into the way of the pen, often sadly in fuzzy wuzzy ways.

And this is just what I mean by saying I’m a ‘simple bystander’ to. I have no method, no stable pattern, no insight like others who can wield the pen at will. I am chaos! I ride the mood and reflect it’s grace in ink. Hahaha Or maybe ‘CHAOS’ it’s self is my method of choice! LoL

The best way to say it is like this. Something I once wrote in realization, “I never realized it, but it seems everyone of my ideas for a story first starts with an image, a single glimpse through a distant smoke that conceals all but a corner of some great piece of work, desperately in need of a mind foolish enough to conceive it.” – A. N. De Berry

I hope that helped, and I apologize greatly for rambling for so long! If your interested, I’ve just started a writers community blog and facebook page, where I hope to bring together as many ‘simple bystanders’ as possible and together, become something far from simple! It’s called “Frantic Ink.”



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