Shots Fired by Gary Jones with reviews.

Gary P. Jones (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-3244-7 ©2006
Price: $18.95
Book Size: 5.5” x 8.5” , 371 pages
Category/Subject: TRUE CRIME / Murder / General

“Shots Fired!” When these two simple, yet terrible, words are heard over the police radio everything else immediately stops! A police officer somewhere is in trouble, and needs help!
The 1970’s was the deadliest decade in modern law enforcement history and more police officers died than during any other decade of the 20th Century. In Fort Lauderdale, the “Venice of America,” violent crime was almost out of control and to stem this vicious tide the Fort Lauderdale Police Department created the Tactical Impact Unit. Written with all the drama and excitement of a novel, Badge 149 – ‘Shots Fired!’ tells the true story of this small group of men and of the daring exploits that made them so well-known and respected.

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Customer Reviews

  WOW , 11/20/2006
Reviewer: Brian Dodge
This book is a must read! Not just for those in law enforcement but those who want to get a “glimpse” at just how difficult the “JOB” can be. Jones depicts the right feelings and thoughts that happen when an officer is in a stressful situation and just serves as a reminder how much law enforcement does for our community. GREAT READING!!!!
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  A Must-Read Book , 09/25/2006
Reviewer: Barry Margolis
Simply stated, this is not only required reading for past and present law enforcement, but for ANYONE who ever wondered just what lengths police officers had to go to in order to Protect and Serve. Thank you, Gary, for telling it just the way it was!
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  True Depiction , 10/16/2006
Reviewer: vicki benoit
Gary Jones wrote this book from a perspective few sew of police officers…we are human. Many books depict us as hardcore and uncaring. This books reveals the hard work, dedication, the emotions up and down, and the frustration and fears we all experience.
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  As Real As It Gets , 10/17/2006
Reviewer: Tom Woolsey
As a former member of the Tactical Impact Unit I have to say that this book put me right back into the incidents that Gary depicted in the chapters. The greatest and most dedicated group of people I have had the privilege of knowing. T.I.U. established guidelines for future special units in law enforcement.
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  Badge 149 ‘Shots Fired’ , 12/11/2006
Reviewer: Major Jim Eskew
An outstanding portrayal of the fight against criminal events unfolding in real life drama. This comes from a very dedicated officer alone with his thoughts as he trys to right wrongs and protect the community within which we live. His courage, honesty and desire to defeat the bad guys and protect the victims, is an inspiration to us all. ‘Shots fired’ is a MUST read!

How to write a novel in 100 days or less

How to write a novel in 100 days or less
by John Coyne

How many times have you finished reading a novel and said, “I could have written that book.” You know what? You’re right. All of us, I believe, carry at least one novel around in our heads or our hearts. Novelist Toni Morrison put it this way: “If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”
Writing a book is no easy task. Nevertheless, every day another book is published.
In 1996, according to Books in Print, 1.3 million book titles were in print. The number of books published in 1996 alone was 140,000 in the United States. So, why not you?

What you need
I believe that if you can write a simple English sentence (after all, that’s what Ernest Hemingway wrote), are alert to the world around you, and want to write a salable novel — really want to, not just kind of want to — then you can do it. I don’t think anybody ever became a writer by going to a workshop, reading a book, or even reading this article. Writing comes from something internal in a writer. However, this article will save you time, point you in the right direction, and help you write a novel in 100 days or less.


Top Ten Tips for Writing a Novel

1.Create a Schedule: If like many of us you lead a busy life with a hundred and one things you could be getting on with at any given moment, then it is of vital importance to schedule time in which you can work on writing your novel without being disturbed.

2.Work in an environment which inspires you: Don’t kid yourself, these things matter! If you plan on spending chunks of your time in a room, being imaginative, then you want the space you are in to reflect this; have your favourite photos and pictures up on your walls, stick some motivational quotes on post it notes for you to find and try if you can get a space with a view.

3.Be Observant: Let your day to day existence, people and that which goes on around you to be a source of inspiration. There is an endless supply of stuff happening out there for you to think about, write about and put your own spin on.

4.Invest in a Dictaphone: Making a habit of having a Dictaphone on you at all times enables you to never let those great ideas just slip away. They are relatively inexpensive and can be downloaded as mp3 files so you can review on your iPod at your own leisure.

5.Just Write: Don’t be too critical and judgemental of yourself. Or at least, learn to switch that off so that you focus entirely on creating. Once you have produced a sizeable amount, then review it as you have more context and therefore may look at what you have written in a different light.

6.Don’t hold back: Sometimes, you may get the urge to avoid writing something as it feels too emotional or close to home. As a rule of them, it is these moments which tend to make up the best bits so just go for. Trust me!

7.Writers block: If you find yourself in the position of just not getting anywhere with your writing, then take a break. Switch off from it completely for a while, go out and get some fresh air, socialise with some friends for a while. In a nutshell, have some you time. In my humble opinion, more often than not writer’s block stems from trying to force success and overworking yourself.

8.Get into the mindset of your characters: This really is important in making your narrative believable and characters well rounded. It’s always a good idea to do some research relative to your character’s career or interests to understand how they feel in would behave in certain scenarios.

9.Don’t just write when you’re happy: This may sound like a peculiar one but I would avoid only writing when you are ‘in the mood’ and feeling good. Obviously when you do these periods can be very beneficial and productive but so are other moods as they can provide variety and more dimension to your writing. So the next you come from work having had a bleak day and feeling utterly frustrated with everything, you know what to do . . .

10.Save regularly: This is an obvious one but there’s nothing worse than seeing thousands of words which you’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into get flushed down the toilet because you forgot to save. Always backup your work via something on the lines of a memory stick to prevent this from ever happening.

To call my self a writer is like calling a man who doodles, an accomplished artist! But EVERYONE, no matter who, has started out just the same. With some horrible itch, sharp and heavy on their shoulders, only curable by the rapid succession of word after word. And now it’s become so acute that it has literally become my only grievance in life! I don’t care if I sell it, I don’t care if people read it, I just want it out of me and on paper because it feels such a horrible sin to do otherwise! I think there’s nothing better then the right words, elegantly placed and perfectly timed! To love something so much and yet feel so defeated by it at every glance, it’s heart breaking yet I wish it my only salvation. . . I am a man brimming, whose own relief of burden lies solely within the fathoms of his own spring. Maddening it is to be the fool who wallows ill, while cure waits beyond all reach; lovingly between fingers. . . We need, must, and have to write, and so we are WRITERS!

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